Saturday, May 01, 2010

Vote Labour; Something For Everyone

The problem with the on-coming election is that a lot of voters have allowed their heads to be turned into a pod of pumpkin by the media... these people can’t think or make up their mind because the media thinks for them on whatever sells their paper and TV through sensationalism.

But the real choice is Labour, and none other. For the few mistakes that Labour made, there are uncountable benefits for us all in many other things that are marvellously well done to dwarf it. And Labour is not denying making mistakes because it is human to make misstates. It is also far more sincere and open to be able to accept mistakes. And Labour wants to do even better and correct whatever did not work.

See the few splendid achievements with something for everyone; Freedom pass, SureStarts, new and improved schools, new hospitals, equal rights, far improved gay rights, minimum wage, improved maternity and paternity leave, child credit, more students in universities across the society, more nurses and doctors, extremely cut-down hospital waiting list, leadership in guarding against the world recession from turning into worse, I can go on.

So when you let the media heap blames on Labour by using Gordon Brown's personality to fool you, you sure may have to take charge of your decisions and not let them influence you. 13 years of Labour government has indeed benefitted you more times than the preceding 18 years of Tory government. In fact, the Tory government left some not ever believing they can go to university even if it was tuition-free... It left many on benefits they cant climb out of for the rest of their lives; it left people in deep shit that no matter the cleansing, the smell remains. THINK! It left a segregated society with divisions on race, sexuality, class, etc.

However, with Labour, there had been something for YOU and its worth sustaining and taking further. Vote Labour for a fairer Britain, vote Labour for equal societies and dynamism.

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