Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Speaker John Bercow To Face Challenge On Re-appointment

On the 11th of May as the coalition talks rounded up and David Cameron walked into No 10, I worried about the Speaker of the House of Commons, Mr. John Bercow and wondered if his days (as speaker) have just been numbered.
"now that those that never wanted Bercow are here to rule, will he be remain the speaker? looming! so much looming. not over yet" - twitter prediction
Exactly (not quite) seven days after that event, BBC News has just revealed an unshielded plan to challenge Mr. Bercow’s return to office in what may be the first of its kind in a long time. According to BBC, the opponents only do not want Bercow back because of “his decision to ditch some of the Speaker's ceremonial dress”. Also their grouse includes his wife's pro-Labour messages on Twitter, and what they claim is his lack of authority, respect and impartiality in the House.
But we know these excuses are complete gibberish. Only a fool wouldn’t have expected this considering the scenario surrounding John Bercow landing the job. It must be remembered that it was, in a rather more dramatic event, the Labour bench that propped up Mr. Bercow during the election to replace Mr. Martins. His Conservatives bench could not hide their disagreement to his election to that job.
However, BBC report, not surprisingly include speculations that the now Cabinet members will support Bercow to stay put. That is believable because the coalition government is trying to portray niceties here and there.
That said and half-assured, Bercow should tighten his girdle for battles ahead as the frontbench will still come for his head in due course. 

image taken from Liberal Vision

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