Friday, May 07, 2010

Peter Robinson, Husband of Homophobe Iris Robinson Defeated

This is one of the best results that just came in from the UK general election returns.

Peter Robinson (picture, right) is the first minister of Northern Ireland. He continues to support his wife's hateful ideology; even to the point of corruption, infidelity and deceit. But tonight, the people of Belfast East have sent out a thoughtful and untainted message that they will tolerate no such corruption.

Peter Robinson's wife, Iris Robinson (pictured, centre) stood down after the BBC exposed her infidelity with a 20 year old boy (left in picture) whose father entrusted to her on his death bed. Mrs. Robinson also claimed that gays are an abomination and could be cured. However, she is presently receiving cure for alleged mental ill-health following her exposure.

Peter Robinson is defeated by the Alliance Party's Naomi Long with 1,533 votes. In his speech, he stood down as first minister and handed over to her deputy.

His defeat is the best news so far for the LGBTI community and a great lesson for a man who has refused to speak out against hate, evil, cheat, deceit and even connived with his wife in ripping off tax payers.

As they both has been released, they could now go start a church to cure gay people... but supposedly, after they have cured themselves.

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