Monday, May 31, 2010

Nick Clegg: A Plethora Of Failures Never Seen...

With the speed Nick Clegg orchestrated events right from the election campaigns to now, it is obvious he knows ‘one thing’... and that ‘one thing’ was the push behind everything he did after the election... and that ‘one thing’ also was the basis of his decision. So what is this ‘one thing’?
As the Telegraph begins opening the cans-of-worms in Mr. Clegg’s own domain, the public may begin to imagine and understand this ‘one thing’ which the case David Laws has revived. The Liberal Democrat would be more than rubbished if it fails to act now. The accusation facing Danny Alexander following on the heels of Mr. Laws disgraceful resignation could bury the ailing Liberal Democrats... if the party continue to remain under the spell of Mr. Clegg and fail to act appropriately with these chances.
What is very clear is that Nick Clegg isn’t a good party leader for the Liberal Democrats at all. And this is that ‘one thing’ that stands out as an open secret which Mr. Clegg himself knows very well more than any other living person.
Nick Clegg inherited 62 MPs/Seats from Charles Kennedy who as leader continuously increased Liberal Democrats share in the Parliament from
46 to 52 seats in 2001 and to 62 seats in 2005. So the failures stand out for themselves and all leads to that ‘one thing’: that Nick Clegg isn’t worthy to be a party leader because he barely has any concrete success to show:
In a nutshell, Nick Clegg failed to
·         add any additional seat for the Liberal Democrats in his first and only parliamentary election as a leader.
·         retain the parliamentary seats he inherited from the past leader.
·         add any additional seat for the Liberal Democrats in his first and only European election as a leader.
·         retain the 12 seats in European Parliament instead losing one down to 11
·         investigate his party thoroughly on the MPs’ expenses (as we see today).
·         Convert the media opportunity he got in the run up to the 2010 election which no Liberal Democrats leader has ever had.
·         uphold the promises he made to supporters.
·         maintain an open party instead turning the party into one led by a clique of his own allies.
·         pursue the party’s own ambition & agenda but instead pursue his own
With this plethora of failures, that ‘one thing’ in Nick Clegg’s mind all the time is: his lack of leadership quality and inability to be a proper leader. With that, he knew that he would be thrown out right after the election. So Nick Clegg fought to avert that through the only way he can; campaign for a hung parliament. Because the discussion for a hung parliament would, as we saw, overshadow any other topic as the country seek to carve a government into place.
And once he is into government, he will tout it a success getting the Liberal Democrats into government for the first time in decades thereby distracting the party. However, in actual sense, he turned the party into a second fiddle with: 5 seats less in the British parliament and 1 seat less in European parliament.
For any focused party, which still knows what it believes in, a leader like Nick Clegg with this history of failure isn’t good to keep as a leader. And that is the ‘one thing’ that Mr. Clegg has at the back of his mind and fighting to divert attention from through various tiny manoeuvres.
But there is just so little time he can hold on before the sliver thread cuts.

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