Thursday, May 20, 2010

Malawi sentencing of gay couple: A resumption of slavery

The Justice for Gay Africans Society (JfGA) condemns in the strongest of terms the sentencing of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga to a 14years imprisonment by a Malawian court. This sentence is a complete equivalent of slavery and suppression of the human development.
Having spent the past 5 months in prison and the humiliation they have gone through, Steven and Tiwonge bravely and courageously refused to beg or give up. They were denied bail all this time showing the amount of homophobia and hate that even the court in Malawi and others who are supposed to uphold justice and equity habour in them. 
“This is injustice and a restoration of slavery. The two men are consenting adults expressing their feelings to each other only. For them to therefore be prosecuted and jailed for 14 years is nothing less than slavery and a confiscation of their rights to freedom of expression as stipulated in the Malawian Constitution. The judge is wrong to say their imprisonment ‘protects the public’ when these two men did not violate or assault anyone through their action of same-sex love.” Says Godwyns Onwuchekwa of JfGA
We call on all good people of justice in authority to challenge this appalling case now. The United Nation, African Union, European Union, the Commonwealth and also the media should shine a light on this inequality and declare it wrong and unacceptable. May be it is time for this organisations to review their relationship with Malawi and all others perpetrating grave injustices such as this.
Malawi must not continue to enjoy the goodwill of nations like United Kingdom , America and other developed countries who spend millions in aid money if inequality like this one is continuing to be upheld. It is time to review the terms of relationship to make sure they are in line with fairness.
Steven and his partner, Tiwonge faces a life of uncertainty and possible untimely death should they be dumped into the prison for the next 14 years. The state of jails in Malawi is completely deplorable with lack of proper sanitation and no access to medical care. They have already suffered ill health and presently in a poorly diminishing state of health.
We therefore refuse this and challenge the Malawian government to step back from this injustice and the suppression of the natural human rights of gay and lesbian people.
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