Monday, May 10, 2010

Liberal Democrats Hangs The UK Parliament

Things seem to have moved faster today in the hung parliament tumult. In just less than 12 hours, the Tories seems to have churn out more promises than the exhaust pipe of a rickety vehicle. Income tax, referendum on Alternative Vote (AV) and a bunch of other completely useless lies that one would expect from a tricky Conservatives.
Then came the surprise announcement by Gordon Brown that he will resign in time enough for Labour to source a new leader. Like detonating a bomb, it got the Conservatives spewing promises from all corner. William Hague stood to declare that they will go an extra mile on electoral reform; really? Michael Gove backed that by promise of no income tax no earnings below £10,000... however, only a fool will take these promises with a pint of salt.
Yet in all, Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats remains the one faced with the worse fallout. His dallying with the Conservatives has cast a doubt on their liberal principle. The questions by Lib Dems supporters at this time must be the confusion about where to put their faith or what their party now represents.
Nick Clegg found himself thrown into a limelight that dazzled and blinded him. For a man who insisted that he will not play the ‘kingmaker’, he has ended up not just playing that to the core but also holding the entire country to ransom. Nick Clegg’s personal hatred of Gordon led him to try to play the straight-forward angel. However, he is wrong because the party with the largest vote or highest number of seats never formed a government but the party with the majority of seats in the parliament. And the conservatives did not have that. It thus throws the floor open for every other party to try.
So although Mr. Clegg has his right to go with whomever he wishes, his selfishness has thrown us all into a chaotic and an unfocused sailing. Coalition isn’t something you just go into; it is something you give a thought, assess, equate and then take the appropriate steps to normalize any anomalies. But Mr. Clegg was led by his selfish hatred of another man. Yet it was the same personality focus that most of the electorate complained endlessly in the run up to the election.
At the end of this game and in a short while, Clegg would be dumped by his party, his party would be dumped by the electorate, and the electorate would look elsewhere for a progressive with proven track-record; and that is Labour. Because it would be difficult to trust some riffraff again that finds themselves in the limelight vomiting the lippy truth that we now know have no substance.
As for Gordon Brown, history will vindicate him. And those who hate him for nothing but pure repugnance will regret their actions. Time shall tell.

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