Friday, May 07, 2010

Late Nigeria President; Ambitious Or Selfish? RIP

The (former) president of Nigeria passed away 9pm, Wednesday 5th May after a 6 month docile period as president. From the time he was pampered towards presidency, to this Wednesday when he was also finally packed out, he had been mired in secrecy about his ill-health without being clear, open and straight forward about his condition.
The man who every one upheld as sincere and transparent turned out to be no different from the ordinary power-hungry Nigerian politicians as those who made him president. In his personal statement to the world, his agents and prodders have never failed to push the fact that he was the first (or even only) Nigerian politician to declare his assets. But when it came to taking the most transparent stand about his office, he preferred instead to lie in a hospital thousands of miles from home and not hand power over months until it was wrestled out of his hands.
Mr. Yar’Adua may have been sincere as they go but obviously not in any remarkable way. While he was away in Jeddah receiving treatment for pericarditis, the country he claimed to love, went deeper into a rotten quagmire because he refused to do the right
thing. What did we get? His cronies and shoe-lickers claimed he can run the country from anywhere in the world; those shoe-lickers included the then Attorney General and Minister of Justice Michael Aondoakaa; very pathetic indeed.
Nonetheless, Yar’Adua died from neglect for his health and left the country in a state of distrust due also to his neglect of the constitution. If only he had cared for himself and the country; if only he had placed sincerity before service; if only he had placed right before duty; just if, just if only he had been selfless enough to accept what he could do than what he wanted to do. Well, as his ill-advisers said, may be he could still run Nigeria from the land of the dead. After all, doesn’t the country feel like it is run by dead men?
May Yar’Adua’s soul rest in peace. It seems a pretty safe escape from the corrupt, selfish and greedy people that have surrounded him since 1999. The sympathy would not be for the dead but for the next victim of his misguided advisers.
But for Nigeria, there is no saviour in sight; there is no saving. As things stood, that country seem quite set to drop into the unknown deep before it could wake up to the reality of its crippled and battered state. If there will be a turn-around, the only tool would be a strong revolution.

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