Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jamaicans Stand Up To A Crippled Corrupt Government

The case of Dudas Coke’s community in Jamaica holding forth and defending him with their lives is one that speaks far beyond the problem at hand. While not supporting drug-running, a failed government is no different from a criminal and illegal business. This is so in so many developing countries of the world; from African to South America, to Asia... and the list goes.
The action of the community in Jamaica who has vowed to defend their benefactor is exemplary and should be adopted in places like Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and the lot of other corrupt governments across the world. May be not by defending drug dealers or alleged criminals, but by standing up to these corrupt governments who are nothing less than criminals themselves.

The present row in Jamaica between these communities and their government is the resultant effect of awful governance. Although this people are defending an alleged drug dealers, the actual and literal meaning is their anger at a government that has not served her people nor be the vehicle for democracy as supposed.
Let this be a lesson. These communities may definitely not win this war, however their standing up to it will go into history as one that is unique and hopefully a lesson will be learnt. Of course, the government has their battalions of armies and parade of police to conquer but for the resistance they have faced so far in reaching that victory, systems will be changed as a direct consequence.

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