Saturday, May 29, 2010

David Laws' Expenses And Secret Life.

What would baffle anyone watching SkyNews is the mood the Chancellor of the Exchequer seem to be in while David Laws (pictured) outs himself and tries in vain to justify his fiddling of the tax-payers money.

Although I agree to his rights to privacy but not quite to his right to use his privacy to manipulate the public purse.

Anyway, the big issue here is not where the fish is, but the pressure that flung it out of the water onto the dry sand; the Telegraph. Though in what seem a genteel manner, the Telegraph circled the issue that Mr. Laws has been secretive about his sexuality. If he was still a member of the third party with-out the walls of a Tory coalition government, the reporting would surely have sounded different.

And Mr. Laws apology opened like a penance. He tended to dabble through trying to both come out of the closet as well as step back into it. But as said, Mr. Laws and his partner, Mr. Lundie have their rights to personal privacy and that is what personal freedom and Human Rights should be. However, they (or he) should learn not to inflict their freedom onto the public’s right to know in regards to the collective costs.

What remains now is to see the Prime Minister take the same straight-forward decisive step of the expenses days and relieve Mr. Laws of his position in the Treasury. But this is where the problem takes a new turn. Who is David Laws actual boss?

Could Nick Clegg sack him if he wants to uphold the LibDem innocence and righteousness? No, he just cannot even if he feels like so. And David Cameron on the other hand cannot sack Laws without worrying about the harm to the coalition, coalition partner and reaction from people and Liberal Democrats' supporters. May be, Laws can play with these complications to retain his job. Or again, may be, this is the time for him to say, “I actually have always been a Tory” then cross the carpet.

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