Saturday, May 08, 2010

Cameron And Clegg: This Deal May Contain Nuts

As the battle for power rages on and various alliances and pacts are considered, the concerns about the outcome may be taken as the influencing factor. Thus party leaders will be looking at how they can reach a deal to bring on the expected process.
This being the case, the concern however, should be how that process works when it starts running and how it will be sustained. But more so, what ideology would lead and whose will be bruised in the long run.
The Liberal Democrats stand at the most crucial point in its existence for the present age. For all what it is considered to stand for, the two decisions that faces it presently seems set to either make or mar it. Whichever way it ends, the probability of mistakes surely seems high.
Coalition – or balanced, as SNP will say – government is a good thing to a large extent. It will be good to see parties working together but still, without a central nervous system of ideology; Britain is set to depart from a stable 5-yearly parliament to the chaotic, sporadic and erratic governments in mainland Europe.
Whatever the Liberals do, dumping their progressive belief for a stagnant conservative coalition may destroy it for life. But if the Liberals would succeed in de-conservativising the Tories, they will forever be idolized; but that is an unachievable dream.
 With things not working according to the expectation, a walk-out from the coalition would be imminent because the real Tory will be revealed in as soon as David Cameron get into No 10 Downing Street.

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