Saturday, April 24, 2010

Foreign Office Shouldn’t Apologise; Pope Should Be Grateful

The revelation this evening that a 'junior' Foreign & Common Wealth (FCO) staff wrote some suggestions now labelled as derogatory is compellingly amazing. Although the supposed 'ideal visit...' document was not well presented by the 'junior' staff, some of the suggestions in it would be useful in improving the pope's reputation nonetheless.

If the pope would bless a civil partnership – wonders who would allow his to be that anyway, – then he would have done so much good to himself let alone the improvement a condom branded after him would do in showing that he is not a monster.

The pope should be grateful for these suggestions and liaise with relevant parties to engage in these useful suggestive activities. This may assure people that he is not the devil incarnate he has made himself.

For a man who has for years secretly encouraged and endorsed child sex abusers, continue to be hateful of people who are different and his ignorance of the plights and risk of conditions like HIV, there is so much he can do to begin to show repentance and remorse if 'he must earn a place in the kingdom of God'. Instead, he is using his position to create dictatorship on fellow humans.

The FCO's staff would have presented his suggestions in a more mature manner. However, it is evident that the authorities would not have let it seen the light of day. So, it is much better he made it into the books through this radical approach. If only Benedict XVI has wise advisers, then he would seize this opportunity to have one or more of these ideas included in his visit to UK and begin to earn a name as a Christ-like human.

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