Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aren’t Immigrants Under-evaluated and Unappreciated in Britain?

Come to think of it, the most people in Britain who complain about immigrants are the exact (British) person who contributes nothing to this country but instead rely on social benefits to survive. Some of these people have not travelled beyond their immediate vicinity let alone abroad. Hence they don't know what it means to migrate and can never in their god-forsaken life dream strong enough to exploit the world let alone be adventurous. Wonder why most of these are failures?

These bigots bite the fingers that feed them. Refute the strengths behind the survival of this country and continue to spew evil rage at immigrants instead of considering them as team members in making this country continue to retain its greatness.

But come to think of it, the history of this country is hinged on migrants, the successes that makes Britain great is reliant on the services and contribution made by immigrants. From Jews to Caribbeans, Africans to Eastern Europeans, the list continues. Majority of so-called British people of today would definitely find a trace of immigrants in their family lineage. So why all the hate? Why all the unjustified disgust?

Immigrants pay more tax and get less social benefit; shouldn't they be complaining about that short-changing? They pay higher rents, are less likely to get a job of their choice regardless of being qualified and in ratio probably contribute more in voluntary hours helping across the wider society than British people in this country.

The Eastern Europeans do all the muck-up jobs and are more industrious than an average British person. Immigrants don't complain because they are grown up enough to know that they want to contribute to the society they live in by working hard and paying taxes?

Gordon Brown shouldn't have apologised. Gillian Duffy is a big bigot. How dare she question the rights of other people to exist or live where they want to? Does she know what it takes for one to move to another country? Far away from where they had grown up? From the people they know to a new land to struggle, start afresh, deny themselves ordinary rights, learn to trust, join the queue from disadvantageous points and try to be seen where they are ignored. Has Mrs. Duffy been an immigrant before? Has she been brave enough to take a step into the wild to face the challenges? Has she been strong enough to withstand such challenges and ploughed on? I bet, the answer, especially to the last question is a big NO.

Immigrants are not here eating off the government. They are not here begging on the street. They are not here being criminals. These things cannot be peculiarly linked to immigrants.

One would have expected someone as old as Gillian Duffy to be sensible enough in the way she talks about other people. But I doubt she has a soul. If she has young children or relatives who had been/are brave, to go abroad, then she would probably not speak in such vile manner.

Immigrants and citizens support each other and together make a different to their local environment. It is in working together in unity that human efforts bring about change not by isolating and discriminating against each other. Should all the immigrants down tools today, Mrs Duffy may begin to see the advantage immigrants' hardwork do to Britain.

It was with the help of immigrants that Britain was able to contain WW1 and WWII. Immigrants are there sacrificing their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, was there in Falklands, continue to lead in making Britain's name count on sporting tables, and make Britain a great name in education by putting British schools on their CV. Stop immigrants from studying in Britain today and in 10years, Britian's reputation in top jobs across the international playfield will drastically wane because there will be no product of British education system there. Yet, immigrants pay higher tuition; provide market for the locals where they live by increasing turnover for the economy and up the challenge British people get in their own education.

But why do we worry when we know that these bigots know nothing other than food and mouth? They want an isolated Britain. They want a Britain where they live alone and think that greatness can come from the story of social benefit reliants. If they ever think outside of their little comfort zone, they will realise that every great country that has even been has that one thing in common: diversity.

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