Friday, March 05, 2010

Zuma, South Africa & The Real Issues; Poor British Media Coverage

Among many useful issues that the (Western) media and press should focus on as President Zuma (pictured) of South Africa came calling at London's Downing Street, it is completely appalling that more energy was invested into criticising him for polygamy than talking real politicking... what really is the problem of this present world?

There is the issue of HIV that the South African government has failed to rein in; which in turn has left the country with orphans of various disabling capabilities. Or the destroying effects of homophobia against lesbians that is leaving many gay women in trauma? Even general women rights in South Africa is at a shameful level. Kids out of schools, depleting rural areas, poor National Health provision, both for the general population and mostly for People Living with HIV (PLWHIV), and infant mortality... and the list goes even without pointing out crime rate that is completely uncontrollable.

But the bug in British media is obvious. And why not? If the main politicians are spending their time bickering in dogfights of personalities and expenses; what else would one expect? For a press waterlogged in running around sniffing for gossips on individuals than real news.

At a time in world politics when real issues should take centre-stage and be driven with the availability of free technology, journalists remains in backyard and kitchen professional playground stuttering about non-issues like one man's polygamy; shame.

Without musing, it must be robustly accepted that Jacob Zuma was therefore right in his response describing our media as condescending imperialists – yet I think he is gracious because their prattling is nothing but less primitive than colonialism. Polygamy or any form of adult relationship is alright so long as the parties involved are happy in it and out of their own consent/volition.

The world matches on to an age of liberalism and individual's rights. Marriage or friendship should be at the sole decision of those engaging in it. This is why the British law prohibiting Gay people from celebrating marriages or heterosexuals celebrating Civil Partnerships is completely wrong.

Let's talk real policies, table intelligent debates and portray real professionalism but leave our ugly Y-fronts at our personal homes please; its beginning to choke.

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