Friday, March 26, 2010

Where Is George Osborne?

All right-thinking people would have noticed the increasing obscurity of the Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne. He is so nearly not there that even voters themselves can see the unfitting jigsaw of the Shadow Cabinet.

Of course.

In British politics, the office of the Chancellor is an essential part of the government. Dubbed one of the four Great offices of State, the last time a Chancellor of the Exchequer was missing from the government had been over 180 years ago when then Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench Lord Denman acted as Chancellor pro tempore.

In present day politics and since then, the office had grown in strength and importance meaning that only decisive, active, confident, articulate and strong characters have had to hold this office. Such has also been the opposite office in preparation for taking power. Disbelievingly, the present Shadow Chancellor does not match any of the characters. Even his boss had noticed that and so are all the other king-makers in the present Tory team.

So the Shadow Chancellor had been relegated to the background. He is rarely heard from or seen even in matters directly relating to his office. And on the rare occasion he is allowed to speak, the lack of conviction and coldness in his body language and speech tells more than meets the eye.

Surely, David Cameron should make a decision to either kick George Osborne out now or remind him of his position. But it is evident; Mr. Osborne's position is being reserved for Vince Cable in the case of a hung parliament. Cameron do not want to remove him and face the problem of removing his successor once he offers that post to the Lib Dem.

On that note, we are not surprised at all, that the Shadow Chancellor is a mere figurehead.

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