Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shouldn’t Cameron & Co Be Talking Policies Instead Of Brown?

David Cameron (pictured - Clarke, Osborne & Theresa May doesnt look any convinced) is the Tory version of an amiable leader... yes, I mean it, thats what you call an amiable, youthful and, erm... your guess is as good as mine. And oh yes, Gordon Brown isn't charismatic, yes, he is not! But no one wants him to be. What any sensible person wants from a leader is the dedication, passion and the ability to look issues in the eyes and work to solving it regardless how tough it could be. Leadership isn't just about riding on the wings offame, or goodwill of brainwashing people... its about the aura and real substance that a the leader can exhume which in turn could be felt when followers weighs you out.

At the Conservative's spring Conference in Brighton today, it was a pity again to see Mr. Cameron, Erick Pickles and all the rest of them not declaring their policies (if at all they have one anyway). These shameless desperate people spent more time talking about Gordon Brown than the issue at hand. That's a pity; another opportunity wasted.

Democracy surely wouldn't be complete, useful and robust if there is not a contest with fairness and openness. However, in achieving that contest and making it work, involved parties should be able, not just to ramble about and plead for vote, they should rather say WHY the electorate should vote them by using well explained and evidence-based policies.

On a very important day, after Cameron has seen the (obviously-as-should) narrowing polls, he still went on to waste an opportunity he should have used to inform the country of the how and why he should be allowed near power.

Earlier in the morning on BBC Andrew Marr's show, George Osborne also blew up the same chance. Time and again, Mr. Marr asked him to tell how – fast and prudent – he could implement his proposed cuts better than Labour. And time and again, Mr. Osborne failed to answer that question. Doesn't that bare it for all to see that these lot have no clue what it is they are asking for?

I would quite agree that they are intelligent, but clever; I am doubtful. If they are, then they would get about talking policies rather than playground rhetorics and personality attacks on Gordon Brown. None of them are contesting Gordon's seats besides. They should focus and tell us the maths of arriving at their numbers and the practical route of actualizing it. But as long as they keep failing to explain that, the narrowing polls isn't just the loss, but the election proper won't work for them because people will be cautious of asking them to steer the ship when they lack all knowledge of navigation...

Or the ship will be back in the middle of the ocean in the midst the storm.

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