Sunday, March 21, 2010

Please Dont Kill Us, We Are Human Not By Choice, We are Gay People Too

On December 29th 2009, as most people in Malawi celebrated Christmas, a time they will say is for love, two other people also decided to do just the same by expressing their love for each other.

26 year old Steven Monjeza and his boyfriend, 20 year old Tiwonge Chimbalanga (both pictured left) celebrated their engagement to each in the open as all other relationships has been done in the Malawi from time immemorial. But what faced them later was beyond comprehension.

Steven and Tiwonge will be in court tomorrow, March 22nd 2010 to hear their punishment for being in same-sex love. They have been charged with the offence of homosexuality and under the contradicting
Constitution, they face a 14 years imprisonment each for the charges against them. However, what is funny, confusing and contradicting is that the same constitution grants them equality and protection against discrimination due to the sex, religion, race... and the list goes.

Due to this injustice, which is looming across majority of African countries, we will be taking to the open tomorrow in London to challenge the Commonwealth and Malawian government on this ill-treatment. We will be requesting the Commonwealth to intervene and stop this craziness. That is why we will be demonstrating in front of the Commonwealth Secretariat to plead with the authorities to stop killing us, to stop maiming us, to stop chasing us away from our countries of birth where we know and can have comfort and where we believe we can prosper.

Please, join our plea today and say to the authorities in Malawi and all their international partners to release Steven and Tiwonge without charges. And very importantly, to stop killing us because we are who we are without choice or self-making.

Please stop killing us!

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