Monday, March 22, 2010

Obama’s Health Reform: A Goal Scored or A Change Started?

Obama's healthcare victory today may not be liked and accepted by the whole of America; the Republicans and other conservatives may stand against it, but what stands out today is that the man, the president, has finally planted a legacy. This will surely go down in history as one step of boldness and resistance.

Shortly after, Senator John McCain bleating on the BBC that they "will repeal it" by challenging it in the towns, courts and everywhere-ever-else. And although that may be true, Obama's success today will remain in the annals of history for having achieved what a few former presidents and their administration failed to get as far as this.

However, the arguments and political squabbles that engulfed this reform since its initiation would not have been as sour as seen had Obama at some point paused and thought. Obama seemed too paranoid and choked in his ambition; he acted narrowly and it nearly became a self-glorifying point to make. That has resulted in a stagnant administration that is yet, regardless of this success today, to achieve any of the 'we can' of the campaign days.

It is evident that most opposition emanated from this point of non-conviction because this surely became a goal to score making it impossible for most to connect and understand its very immeasurableness. And although this has been voted through, the implementation may continue to do Obama's reputation harm until history forgets it. But its real and practical success will stifle such opposition. Otherwise, Obama may just have scored a goal but not brought change.

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