Sunday, March 07, 2010

LGBT People In Fiji Finally Gains Freedom

The news that Fiji has finally seen the lights and joined the list of countries with a fondness for freedom is a welcomed circumstance. The newly reformed Fiji National Crimes Decree on 1 February 2010 decriminalized consensual homosexuality. According to UNAIDS knowledge centre, this legislation makes Fiji the first Pacific Island nation to expunge the colonial-era sodomy laws that decriminalizes sex between men.

"The new Crimes Decree removes all clauses about "sodomy" and "unnatural acts" and uses gender neutral language in the remainder of the sexual offences section." Says the UNAIDS website. "This reform is an important milestone towards achieving a rights-respecting legal framework, not only for men who have sex with men but the entire community." Adds Stuart Watson, Pacific Coordinator of UNAIDS.

This thus brings so much joy to my heart and I believe to the heart and faces of all other LGBT people across the world, their loved ones and family.

The challenges of oppressive laws such as the repealed one in Fiji is not just the evil contained within it, but the continuous danger it continues to pose for citizens who are otherwise born free. Such laws may not have been applied or used in some countries but the mere existence of them is a complete risk and hence cause a life of uncertainty for those it could affect when an oppressor decides to wield his hate-power.

All countries operating such dictatorial laws continue to be a heaven for the wickedness of homophobia. And the ludicrous phrase of 'unnatural acts' in these laws indicates the immense selfishness of present generation who should be wiser as we receive more knowledge and understandings of life.

Every new development like this one therefore, as that tiny first step of a child, gladdens our heart although we may not be directly be [in that country] affected. But every step to freedom, for those brings an assurance and increased hope that, in places like in Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, and all others where this uncertainty still persist, we shall one day be free.

So lets not fear but keep demanding what is ours by natural privilledge. Like the Legend Bob Marley said, "Get Up, Stand up; stand up for your rights."

image taken from Fiji Govt Website

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