Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is Obama A One-Term President In The Making?

In less than 2 months, Mr Obama's America is not only continuing to wreck havoc for his presidency at home, but his ego has pushed him into the uncharted cold oceans of world of politics. With recent development, and if it continues, Obama might be opting not to contest a second term than face a smashing rejection by the electorates in America.

For all that we can see, his attempted Healthcare reform – which if well implemented would be a thumb up for America, - has become so heated it may only end up leaving the USA in worse political health than any good biological health can contain. But Obama must push on he believes, that is good. However, with so much giving ground, it is clear the Healthcare reform may come out to be a regret after all.

But Obama could at least maintain his reputation in the international circle by retaining his allies and friends. By so doing, he will have support when the very crowd that carried him shoulder high drops him to stamp their feet and spat at him... for Jesus, it took only 5 days from being hailed to being crucified.

But what we saw is his move to break the acclaimed 'special relationship' between UK and USA by refusing to support UK on her current face-off with Argentina over the Falkland's Island. But I reckon Obama has read a lot of history to obtain confidence that America's same tactics on Britain in 1956 during the Suez Canal crisis could replay. God save America.

Although Britain has ignored Obama's neutrality which is a huge betrayal considering Britain's commitment in Iraq as recently as 2003, Joe Biden has visited the Middle East, clashed with Ahmedinejjad of Iran and blasted Israel for planning new settlements in the East Jerusalem. Funny, USA is fighting with both her friends and enemies... tough.

But still, Mr. 'confidence' Obama went on to play protectionism in the aviation discussion between America and Europe prompting Sarkozy and Brown to both express their bewilderment publicly.

Considering all the above, I wonder if Obama need an exorcist sent from the Vatican. He might want to get things right but not through the wrong channels. Or his dreams may be short-lived.

In summary, it seems one thing the great orator really needs is the skill to think before he speaks.

image taken from courtesy to Callie Shell

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