Friday, March 05, 2010

Norman Tebbit & Other Evils That May Wreck David Cameron

Lord Norman Tebbit's belly-ache today at the new victory in the House of Lords vote to allow religious places to make their own decision on holding/celebrating Civil Partnerships for same-sex couples is clearly not a surprise. It rather goes to confirm what one suspects; that the Conservative Party of United Kingdom has actually not changed as handsome Cameron wants us to believe.

This or that his own team are continuously trying to stab him in the back. Between last July and now, when David Cameron did a backyard apology on and about Section 28, little has changed to suggest any truth in that confession. But as blankly put on this blog, his choice of words for that apology was typical of the falsity and ingenuity of that step; the context of it and the manner in which is was made.

Well, Norman Tebbit didn't surprise me either. After all, he was a great pal of the Baroness and also served in her Cabinet. At the time Baroness unleashed her tyranny on LGBT people in the late 1980s, although Norman was no more in the Cabinet, he was her informal right hand man and confidante. Does that not therefore show how much influence he must have wielded in encouraging the mad lady to shame rubbish British liberal nature?

However, Tebbit is an idiot to think that life has to go by his opinion. This delimits the little respect I had for him. But it is also very intuitive, informative and affirming that the Tories have not changed even one-teeny-bit on their stand about same-sex relationship.

You may argue that Cameron's new generation, but I assure you, he is a descendant-generation of the old brigade – Tebbit (marginal though), Clarke, Hague, Ashcroft, etc – who, if you are not foolish enough, are still influential and holds the power scale within the Conservative Party. In actual sense, any moment Cameron detours from this lot, they will rattle the cage to unsettle him especially via their differences and personal ambitions. And where caution is flared, these lots will bring about his fall at their own appropriate time. Watch this space.

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