Sunday, March 14, 2010

David Lammy’s ‘Lecture’ Degrades Women Into Inferiors

The claim that the Higher Education Minister, David Lammy MP will give a lecture on Monday accusing out-of-touch (black) fathers of being the basis of social problems among young people is quite disturbing and disappointing. I would expect more dignity than this from such a respected MP.

According to the BBC website, Mr. Lammy will say that "what many women want for Mothers' Day can't be given by their children - it is more engaged fathers." This is a complete and unrivalled insult to majority of single parents – both men and women – who have done their best and produced proud and successful individuals who continue to contribute to the society.

Mr. Lammy's speech smacks of old rhetoric of religion, tradition and macho-manism that continue to trap some people in the mud of time. As he rightly said somewhere down in his 'supposed lecture', "it is" obviously "not just the structure of families that matters." Therefore his lecture could rather focus on encouraging women to continue making themselves available to take up their place in the society just as in the home. That way, they could be part of decision making on policies that go round to affect our homes. It is not whether a father or mother is there, it is whether whoever is there is leading and living a life worthy of emulation.

The age-old accusation of single parenthood being the cause of crime, homosexuality and all that nonsense should be eschewed by civilised people like him... that is if he is at all.

It is Mothers' Sunday, it should be a time to praise women and ask them to continue. But to use to it to say that their work is failing because a man is not there is a slap in the face.

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