Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ashcroft Tax Status: What Other Deceits is Cameron Sitting On?

The case of Lord Ashcroft's tax, income, residency, politics, and all what there is [or] and are, seems quite strange on how everyone of us is jumping on the blame. From all angle, I do think that Ashcroft is very right and sensible to avoid the high rate of tax here since he can afford to. After all, he earns those monies outside of the UK so its justifiable; taxes should be paid where the money is made after all.

However, two problems exist in this particular case. One is his main problem for the deceit it seemed he used to be in the upper house and the other is for handsome Dave, Mr. Cameron.

It is completely dangerous that someone who does not fully live in a place nor contribute robustly (partial tax) to such a place should be participating in law making for the same place and the people who live and pay their tax there. It therefore makes Lord Ashcroft look as deceitful and enslaving as any other money monger would be... and to think he lied or made up a story to become a member of the legislature without fulfilling his word seems even more suspicious.

The second problem is for his party Leader who has banged on about 'change' endlessly to the 'society' here that he will change the way 'things are done'. For us to then hear and know that he has been sitting on a deceit such as this, makes one wonder what else is still being manipulated.

Pointing accusing fingers to other parties to justify this just simply confirms that Cameron can also not be trusted. As one who is promising change, he should be above the contestants he has initially faulted.

David Cameron should rather concentrate on stitching the tear than picking the threads on the fringe? During the expenses scandal, he moved swiftly to ban, shun, suspended [and all other disciplinary ways he posed] MPs in his party just to take a swipe at other parties. But now again, we see how that he is a mere stooge of the millionaires whose monies he is riding on.

The problem therefore is: can Cameron satisfy all these powers when payback time comes or will the fight of the elephants kill off his grass?

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