Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shameful Press Release From Prattling Pratt

Below is the transcript of the Press Release from National Bullying Helpline on their breach of confidentiality of their clients in desperation to damage Gordon Brown. As it's clear, their wrongful attack hit back at them. Still self-centred and unremorseful, Ms. Christine Pratt has written this dimwit press release attacking others... What a prat?

Our Patrons have resigned at a time when we needed them most. It is a shame that not one of them ever visited our charity offices to see how we operate or meet with our Volunteers and Trustee's, despite request.

Due to the situation at this time we are temporarily suspending our helpline. However, the website is still operational and contains practical, downloadable, documents for those who need it. Competitor anti bullying charities, individuals with an axe to grind and a few others have forced our hand. We are extremely sorry for any distress this may cause to those who need help right now. We apologise also to those who are detrimentally affected by this situation - we include all charities doing very good work across the UK.

We would assure you that we are not politically driven in any way. Indeed, our local Labour MP hosted our launch at The House of Commons in April 2007 - for which we will always be grateful. We would be pleased to meet with Gordon Brown, to whom we wish no ill, if it would help to remedy the situation.

We are currently considering the future of the charity. Christine Pratt is prepared to resign if necessary. However, this will necessitate the appointment of a paid CEO which is a luxury we have not been able to afford in the past. We have very limited funds. Whatever happens, we will endeavour to act in the very best interests of the charity and all those who suffer from bullying and abuse of power - adults and children - everywhere.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who are working with us in a supportive manner. Your kindness is overwhelming and is appreciated very much indeed.

It was never our intention to cause hurt or distress to anyone when we set up a helpline.

We will release a more comprehensive Press Statement as soon as we are in a position to do so.

Thank you.

This shameless woman isn't even making or coming to any sense about the idiocy of her intervention. Regardless of whether Brown is a bully or not, her silly outburst was completely disgraceful for the values she is supposed to represent. Instead, she wrote this foolish press release attacking and blaming those who called her to order for "forcing her hand"; what a fool?

The earlier she sees the light, the easier it will be to rebuild the damages she made to both herself and others.

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