Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saudi Arabia To Tolerate Women Lawyers In Court

As Saudi Arabia reveals today it is planning to grant its women lawyers the rights to appear in court, it rings a bell of better things to come. The problem though lies in how much long it will take to reach that complete equality not a half-hearted or with limitations.
In the modern world, it is completely repulsive that countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and the host of their likes are still tolerated with their segregated and discriminatory society against women and gay people. The liberal West could send a signal to these countries by snubbing these countries and all what they have to offer without equality. Arguing that we cannot make the laws for sovereign countries remains bollocks since that is not what we are trying to do. The same idea has been used in implementing fair trade, animal rights and presently climate change; why has human lives, which ought to be of more value than these things been rather neglected?
Allowing women to go to school in Saudi has been in place for long, hence professional women like lawyers but limiting them from participating in the full scale of their profession is pure inequity.

Women and men have equal standing in civilization and both can contribute immensely and usefully to the society. Let this new process lead to a full and complete equal right for all. People, regardless of their gender should not be made slaves of their own right. No one should be made to feel tolerated or accepted but to feel a part of his/her environment.
Women and LGBT people in this age are sending the signal that we do want any more to be tolerated because we are as bright, intelligent, skilled, successful and strong as other members of society. Any act of tolerance or mere acceptance only confirms us as second class members of humanity and this, we are no more agreeing to. Saudi Arabia and its likes should not just allow women lawyers to appear in court, only representing other women but to take their full role in being able to represent anyone that requires their service. Only then can a balanced and just society be reached and the gains complete.

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