Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ray Gosling Confesses Of Killing Partner

The acceptance tonight by Ray Gosling that he murdered his late partner is totally distressing and disgraceful. In his interview, he justifies it with saying the pain is unbearable and nothing can be done, but that even is no excuse to commit such a heinous crime.
It is also entirely disturbing that this man feels bold and lack of guilt about his destructive act. His reason; he [partner] was in such a terrible pain; what an ignoble reason to have. Nearly 30 years after the first cases of HIV in UK, the society is full of people who survived it. Who today are very useful of our society and living fulfilling happy lives?
The above thus deflates the argument that people should be allowed to take away others' precious lives just because they think they are helping them; they should not. Mr. Gosling's partner might have been living today (along all others who contracted HIV and survived – if HIV was the cause of his illness). He probably would have been happier when he looks back and thought of that pain he went through. But no, Ray Gosling's act denied him that joy.
And it is in that dire time of need that our loved ones need us most to show ourselves as pillars of support not
 bullets of destruction. It is in that pain that a lover should think more rationally and put up the strongest support. The sufferer may want to die; and that is understandable, but the loved ones should be their strength. Assure them it can get better because it could. Yes, it may not, but it would be nobler to let nature take its course.
Since he has confessed, it would be helpful to investigate him and the partner's death. While I agree that people could take their own life, a line has to be put in place to indicate the procedure that can allow that so as to prevent wanton waste of life for flimsy reasons. In Gosling's partner's case, a group of family and medics would have been a better assurance that such decision needed to be taken. Rather than by just one man who may have been passing through a mental glitch at the time of this event.

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