Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prosecuting Ray Gosling Would Only Be Fair

Nottinghamshire Police have confirmed this morning that it has arrested "A 70-year-old Nottingham man on suspicion of murder following comments made on the BBC's Inside Out programme on Monday evening.".

The reports on BBC website confirms that man to be Ray Gosling who on Monday confessed killing his late partner because he was in terrible pain while suffering from AIDS. Mr. Gosling's confession shocked many people who find it disturbing that he could do such a thing. Part of the shock was also because he has kept this secret all this (unknown number of) years.

In a BBC Radio interview the next morning (Tuesday 16th February), Mr, Gosling maintained he was right for what he has done reaffirming that they (his late lover and him) had made a pact before the terrible event. Also in that interview, he blamed AIDS (HIV) and the lack of cure and hope it presented in the beginning of the epidemic.

I argued that he made an error of judgement for carrying out such murderous act. In the case of loved ones suffering so much, the role of relatives and supporters should be that of assurance and dedication to achieving the best positive end while acknowledging that one cannot imagine the full weight of the pain.

The arrest therefore is a huge step forward to ensuring and assuring safety and protection to vulnerable people in the UK that irrational decisions are taken at their lowest time of incomprehension would be questioned. It is imperative that Mr. Gosling is prosecuted and the truth revealed. This is no judgement on him or any sentencing before prosecution by any means, but that justice be done. He is still not guilty of [any] crime until proved otherwise. So his rights to defend himself by telling all what went on should be upheld. However, prosecuting him to reach that stage is needful.

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