Thursday, February 18, 2010

The PCC Ruling On Jan Moir’s Gately Story Is Disappoint

The conclusion by the Press Complaints Commission (PCC right) to upholding the right of Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir to be offensive about the death of Stephen Gately is a complete affront and disregard on not just the gay community but also the society who would want to believe and rely on institutions such as the PCC to get fair rulings on their complaint.

It may seem that it is about LGBT people and because we complained, but this judgement raises a new different set of issues. Offences are common with life as the PCC tend to argue and that it may amount to censorship; but are offence not meant to be corrected? Isn't that why there are punishment and cautions?

But since the PCC and the Daily Mail are the sacred lamb, there's little we may do to change their mind. The Media control the world and one may not be surprised that they can always get away with some things as they have continued to.

The Press should have freedom, but the abuse of that freedom should always be challenged, reviewed and amended if we must protect remain in control of our freedom of expression.

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