Friday, February 19, 2010

Is James Purnell Circling His Real Wish?

James Purnell was an upcoming star in the Labour party and almost a hopeful for future steering of the party. This may not quite seem that way but being young and active, he had the chances... until that fateful day.

When he decided to resign from the cabinet, his calculation was too wrong it brought the grassroots against him. Writing for the Guardian on Sunday 10 January 2010, his article; 'Where is the vitality and vision to win?' opened with a praise for Gordon Brown:

Gordon Brown will lead Labour into the next election. For all my known frustrations, I can also see that he's a remarkable man, who deserves credit for preventing this recession becoming a depression. David Cameron would have flunked that test.
And as stated in a post here on his resignation last year, he also acknowledged the mistake of that move in the Guardian article:

Eight months from his resignation, he is gradually changing to accept the fact the he got it wrong. Although I am disappointed at his announcement today that he is standing down, I am not totally surprised since I saw it coming and mentioned it here too.

As he continues to distance himself formally, I pray he do not take the last one worst step remaining which will be to leave the party. He has two means to do that;

  • an outright move out of the party to another, with only option being UKIP;
  • or a passive ditching by becoming totally inactive so as to latch on when the tidings turn.
But as he continues his wrong political calculations, we can only sit and watch... and wish him all the best.

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Anonymous said...

Never mind every cloud has a silver lining - at least our batchelor boy hero won't have to invent any more "girlfriends" as he minces round his new home in Soho

Dame Nancy Mandelson

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