Thursday, February 25, 2010

But until Britain Stop Believing That America Ever, Ever Loved Her...

Oh! I groan in pain… now I realize why my instinct has always ABHORRED Obama. And so I am convinced; that Judas!

Obama may be the mistake the American and world RIGHTLY made; yes, he seems on the path to that. Because his confidence and 'nice-manNESS' could soon land him in a soup he never dreamt of. Where is his common sense?

But until Britain stop believing that America ever, ever loved her, not to say being a loyal friend; Britian's waterloo may in the end come from the very 'special relationship'. America only need Britain as an 'Oh yes' friend… because as recently portrayed in 2002/03, Britain was just another state in America hence just followed America to the unpopular war.

If Britain would just take this very lesson NOW; then teach America one in the immediate next time, it would become clear to America which of the two countries the rest of the world prefer to go with… obviously not America.The Latin Americans regard USA as an oppressor, and so does the Arab world, not to talk of the far easterners. Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico... and the list goes; never believes USA would ever act in their interest regardless of what Obama says. Iran would listen and dialogue with Britain the moment Britain doesn't appear to support America. So the US of A would soon realize Britain's endorsement is one she can never live without. The Latin Americans would rather go with Britain than US. In fact, the Carribeans are contemplating forming an alliance with the Latin Americans that will not include USA.

As for what binds Britain and America together; its obviously not freedom as they always claim. While Britain believe in giving & supporting freedom, USA believe in taking and controlling it. The LGBT, women, Asians, Blacks, etc can testify. For a country that is still practicing capital punishment? That is taking war to other countries just to show their power? Give me anything but not one defined by God('s own state); typical. The fabled heaven is full of oppression too. Of sinners burning in lake of fire, of Lucifer damned without fair prosecution, and dictatorship to humans to 'please' the invisible deity and satisfy his wanton thirst of blood.



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