Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bullying Allegation On Gordon Brown; Investigate Accusers Too

That Gordon Brown has had a tough ride since he moved into No 10 is no more a fable. It probably is part of life by now. And only a strong and resilient personality as him can survive all these years. He has done well.

But the allegation of bullying today seems one of the worse. Worse than rebellions by political colleagues and even character assassination by the opposition. Today's allegation seems the lowest this man's enemies have gone.

Until the investigations thereof, and regardless of what the outcome would be, it seems there are more motives behind this new war on Brown than can be imagined. However, the investigation to find out the truth would not be complete if the motives behind this accusation are also not investigated.

It is worrying and hence requires an investigation with the involvement of the National Bullying Helpline. Looking broadly, it seems funny that an accusation that started with the revelation of a book by Andrew Rawnsley could spin into a confidential Helpline coming out openly to substantiate same with discussions and contacts made to it in total trust. This is completely disappointing and a betrayal of trust. How would anyone ever use that service again; how?

The National Bullying Helpline should be ashamed of itself regardless of how enthusiastic it wished to correct Lord Mandelson as her Chief Executive, Ms. Christine Pratt claimed. Issues of confidentiality are binding and except under oath, must not be exposed. Even if staff at No. 10 had approached this organisation for support, it has now added to these staff's stress by behaving so shamefully. Isn't this an emotional bullying from the part of the National Bullying Helpline on her clients?

By tonight, Ann Widdecombe, MP and patron of the National Bullying Helpline has refuted the charity for dabbling into this case and so has Bullying UK, another charity that supports and deals with issues of bullying.

Without an investigation into all these therefore, it would be too hard to believe that Rawnsley and Pratt are not working for the same master along all others who may have different roles to bring this about.

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