Thursday, February 18, 2010

27 Years Since The Falklands War, Argentina Begins A Fresh Trouble

When Tony Blair and New Labour took over government 13 years ago, Saddam Hussien was a menace that loomed in mystery. Six years later, Britain was to join America and went to remove the man who thought he cannot be removed.

That act resurrected the phrase 'Britain at War' which seems quite a colloquial now as it has become almost normal and in use since there is always a war somewhere for Britain since the 15th century. This means that Britian's military has substantial representation abroad that one could wonder if it shouldn't have Foreign & Commonwealth Ministry of Defence.

Since the second world war however, the only real war Britain has gone to is the Falklands. Well, real because the Island is under the British protectorate and the British Monarch remains her head of state. All other wars have rather been imaginary or theoretical enemies. But like Saddam Hussein, an enemy is just what it says and can easily translate into real if not checked.

But with the last war in Iraq still making waves and becoming a more difficult issue, the tension looming between Argentina and the UK in the past week. Britain's naval ships have been re-positioned to take any challenges and that is not sounding like fun.

We hope that dialogue helps to resolve this issue so we can focus on the tougher problems of spending and cutting the national deficit.

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Paul said...

'the only real war Britain has gone to is the Falklands' - not exactly - Korea 1950, Malaya 1950s, Suez 1956 were all 'real wars' though they've largely slipped from the memory.

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