Friday, January 29, 2010

Tony Blair On Iraq Invasion: “I Would Do It Again “

Finally Tony Blair has been quizzed by the Iraq War Inquiry and I hope a few tempers have gone down and perspectives changed. If those wanting his head on the block did bother to listen, some might have been won over, some left in confusion and the rest remain as obstinate as they were.

Nevertheless, the former Prime Minister remained consistent in his defence and reason. In what is simply the best summary of Iraq invasion so far, Mr. Blair re-affirmed repeatedly, he would make the same decision again if need be; because Saddam obviously had to be removed. And I hope his continuous comment of a hard-line opinion about Iran did not go unnoticed.

As analysts burrow to untangle his long answers, BBC's Chief Political Correspondent Laura Kuenssberg identified a clever difference of note the fact that while other world leaders were proposing to disarm Saddam, Blair (and - with no doubt - Bush) were undoubtedly campaigning to REMOVE Saddam.

But one thing that was vivid today is how Blair was in charge of the proceedings and also managed to turn situations around. He succeeded leaving viewers to ponder it when he said, "sometimes, what is important is not to ask the March 2003 question but to ask the 2010 question...
", concluding that we are in a better world without Saddam.

In all, Blair managed to focus the entire Iraq invasion charade on two things: (a) Saddam needed to be removed no matter what; and therefore (b) he would do it again if found in the same situation.

And in his final sentences, he reiterated the fact that the on-going killings in Iraq are perpetuated by Iraqis themselves in their bid to blame the invasion; plus, had Saddam not been removed, there would still be killings and suffering of all kinds.

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