Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Storm Assembles At Stormont Assembly

For future reputation, Peter Robinson should fully resign his position. As it stands now, it is unimaginable what boldness he would mutter to face the world in his public position flanked by a wife with a CV like the one she has now and the surrounding embarrassments.

But those are just by the way compared to his reluctance to quit. While not proposing that this family storm should drown Mr. Robinson, it may be that a decisive, once-for-all step could save the entire situation from threatening the fragile Stormont Assembly. Considering the above, it would be rather unselfish for him to fully resign in one giant stride than dragging his feet on the steps of 'stepping aside'.

Or does Mr. Robinson too have his own confessions to make?

At first, he insisted he did not think he did anything wrong, then he agreed to an inquiry followed by a six weeks temporary step down. Nevertheless, in the light of the weight of the allegations involved, from adultery to floundering the rules of parliament, he would get it right by being hard on himself. It is a pity that this is happening to him, but solving it once and for all, would be much rewarding than disturbing.

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