Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nigeria: Definitely No Hope Of Redemption?

Nigeria is really a laugh; and as a Nigerian, I am terribly ashamed of her. How much so can a country be vague, vacuum and lack objective? Watching the Nigeria Foreign Minister, Mr. Ojo Maduekwe (pictured left) on BBC Hardtalk now, it is completely embarrassing that all he can say about his boss's state of health and whereabouts is a spitting 'No...' No what?

And like Nigeria and Nigerians, justifying every failure within their domain with mistakes
of others. Isn't it horrendous that instead of learning from the past others to improve their lot, the shameless Foreign Minister, obviously lacking in words on almost every issue only justify the president's absence from office for 2 month with Theodore Roosevelt and JF Kennedy. How so myopic can a people be any more? How so belittling? Shame!

In a modern world, of transparency, speed and information technology, Nigeria can afford to keep a president in the hospital while leaving the country to be run by a Foreign Minister and others who lack pragmatic reaction or could proactively scramble a response to major policies both for home and foreign matters.

But are we surprised? It was the same Foreign Minister who last year deceitfully said to the UN working committee that he has looked through out Nigeria, and there exists no gay people or any group of people that could be defined as such; fool! I wonder how a Foreign Minister who has not spoken to his sick boss since two months works with that president.

So shame to Nigeria; shame to her for having golden tables but scrounging from the ground. Shame to us for having no fairness or process. Shame to us for not separating persons from institutions and government. Shame for always shifting simple problems like the president's absence, crippled electricity supply, lack of roads, unresolved foreign policy and all such things to God. Just shame to this wasted country.

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