Friday, January 01, 2010

Lesser Control By Governments May Save This New Decade From The Failures of The Last

The calendar has transposed hence most people jump up ecstatically in celebration; quite right. If only the world would consider itself equal in suffering as in celebration? If only the pretence of shared joys and jubilation of the Christmas and New year events is constant and consistence in our relationship round the year... but unfortunately, it isn't.

As the new counter begins, one begins to wonder if our approach could also be reviewed and revised on so many failures that have bedevilled our generation. But unfortunately again, due to our own psychological blindness and the desperation to control, we won't.

By dawn today, the issue of alcoholism, terrorism and environment seems to have dominated the news already. That should start an assessment. While Russians woke up (or well, stayed bleary eyed) to new laws to control the price of Vodka, the UK faces the fears of her beloved NHS going crippled due to our alcoholism. In America, Mr. Obama summons US intelligence chiefs for security talks as Gordon Brown in UK agrees to implementing the highly hated Body Scanners in airports. The Archbishop of Canterbury in his New Year address later today, will point out that the environmental and terrorism issues makes a shared problem for the world, vice-versa.

When you analyze all the above, one thing is clear. The governments cannot solve alcoholism by controlling the price. Security threats cannot abate by introducing yet another intruding device. General health will not improve by pouring more money into it. And worst of all, the environment will not recover by imposing lifestyle measures and taxes on us yet again.

It is because we have deviated from the path of common sense that teaches people responsibility and respect for their fellows. Until we return to this, forcing smoking ban, 5-a-day fruits intake, and the likes will not work. As a new decade begins, it would be best that the governments withdraw from intrusion and hold on individual's life and begin to serve us rather the present reversed case. This will abate the frustrations which informs terror; rebellion which encourages abuse and curb disregard that informs neglect.

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