Friday, January 29, 2010

John McCain Shows His Slave-Master’s Tendencies

The news yesterday that Senator John McCain is opposing the repeal of the discriminatory America's 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' (DADT) policy that prohibits LGBT men and women in the armed forces from being open about their sexuality is totally disgusting.

Eight days ago, his wife Cindy bravely showed her support for the general freedom and equality of LGBT people via a bold publicity image. That was welcomed and praised.

That John McCain, a man that strives to be a leader would refer to DADT as a "successful policy" is not only repugnant, but immensely disappointing. Mr. McCain hence signals his support of inequality.

Is he being sincere or is he driven by political blow-throwing at Obama? Is he being realistic or is he being completely sarcastic and blind to the current stride towards equality in the 21st century?

His arguement that he is "immensely proud of, and thankful for, every American who wears the uniform of our country, especially at a time of war, and I believe it would be a mistake to repeal the policy" is vague, incomplete and unsubstantiated. You cannot be proud of people who cannot be allowed to be proud of themselves; that is slavery.

So stop the hypocrisy John McCain so that you will have no guilty conscience on your journey to your approaching grave.

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