Thursday, January 07, 2010

Iris Robinson’s Deceptions Finally Caught Up With Her

So Iris Robinson was using gay bashing to cover up her disgraceful illicit affair outside of marriage. Of all her shameless rant against gay people and even to the point of claiming that gay people could be cured, she was the one that needed curing.

How are the mighty fallen? Her confession of cheating her husband of 40 years (and only heaven knows with
how many men out there) is just blatantly shameful especially only because the BBC investigated her financial state.

As Peter Tatchell today highlighted, Mrs. Robinson is not just a hypocrite, but a cheat and deceiver. Because she was everywhere jumping in out of available beds with the men she covets. Possibly, her rants about gay people being paedophiles might have been as a result of a gay man ditching her advances. Now we know who needed a cure.

Her confession also sheds a light on why she was vile and inhuman about gay people. Attempting suicide is a clear sign of mental breakdown. At the time Mrs. Robinson made her homophobic statements, she was (as still is) in poor mental health due to her double life. And this disqualifies any sense in her opinions

Glad she lives to face her own demons but no pity for her.

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