Monday, January 04, 2010

War On Terror: Is It Really?

I was just about to go to bed when this news broke; "Tougher US air screening for 'terror-prone' countries". And behold, just as mentioned in a post some days ago, Nigeria made the list.

"On another hand, as he is a Nigerian, it adds to the burden we bear being blanketed criminals almost every time. It is currently tough travelling through international borders as a Nigerian or with a Nigerian passport, not to talk of a Nigerian making it into the much-feared terrorism club"

Without making any excuses for my country, I think this judgement by the USA is completely mis-representing. And this goes a long way to confirm the lack of truth about the acclaimed 'war on terror' scheme. No one with a consciene and outside governments is convinced. Little wonder why it is not being won. and recent events paint more failure of this struggle.

This failures derive from the fact that the wars are chasing unknown enemies. Although there are fronted targets, it is clear that the objectives behind these wars and the reasons are mere farce. And until the truth is told so that ordinary citizens will join in support, winning may have to be reached at the altar of destruction; WWIII(?). A pity, because a few selfish leaders would let their greed and lies destroy a lot of us.

For the first terrorist crime by a Nigerian - which many Nigerians have condemned - regardless of the noble character of the father of the culprit in raising concern months before, Nigeria is now branded a security risk and 'terrorist heaven'; whereas this suspect was trained outside Nigeria. Unlike the UK and US, both of whom have produced more bomb terrorists, Nigeria can be branded so because it is a developing country.

UK was and still remain hotbed of raising terrorist like dissident Irish even recently killing two soldiers preparing to go to the war zones in Middle East. Also, the July 7/7 bombing in London was initiated, designed, processed and orchestrated in UK by her own local men. yet, the UK is still not a security risk nor a terrorist heaven to the US, or the reverse.

US on its own, is a place where gun crime is common and young people go on spree often. But US is not a security risk to any. So all these sums it up; its not by making blanket judgement, but by coming clean and saying the truth. The trusth about oil, about taking control of markets in these countries and the truth for hunger of world power.

But here, let me quote from the Bible (which Britain masterminded into English and the US used as a foundation for its nation); “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit”, says the Lord (Zech. 4:6). So just like the British Empire - when it got blind and deviated from its initial systems of ruling - this potential empire will fall before it is planted. Unfair judgement, lies, discrimination and greed are rough path to destruction.

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