Tuesday, January 05, 2010

First Election Move By Labour And Cameron’s Wobbling

Was that another cast-iron guarantee botched today? With all the noise about cuts, austerity, etc, Cameron just wobbled and staggered at the first whistle of election campaign. Nooo; we all are disappointed.

In just one push by the Labour, the opposition leader forgot all the texts on his presentation. Far too
worst, he fail to defend the £34bn funding hole in his policies... And Osborne either didn't come out to explain and challenge the Chancellor; how so demeaning. While Labour has not got it all right, the Conservative doesnt seem to be sincere in their approach and these leaves a big QUESTION mark.

Such challenge requires a strict and confident response than just a waving off. And atop that, breaking the promise of tax break for marriages is disgraceful regardless of that promise already discriminatory of co-habiting partners. This single act of wobbling will devour whatever is left of the confidence of those who have doubted Cameron ability to manage the economy.

May be Cameron and his team has to learn that problem solving is entirely different from problem identification

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