Sunday, January 17, 2010

EDM 575: Join To Appeal To British Government & EU

The Early Day Motion (EDM) on the Anti-homosexual Bill in Uganda tabled in the House of Commons earlier this week by Harry Cohen, Member of Parliament for Leyton and Wanstead is an assuring sign of the support of the British people for freedom for all around the world.

The present Labour Government of UK made a record in history for Lesbian, Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) rights in Britain having reversed the course, which as recently as 1997 was treacherous. In 2003, this government cleared the path towards the milestone institution of Civil Partnership for same-sex couples by repealing Margaret Thatcher’s Anti-Homosexual legislation, Section 28 thereby sending a signal that Britain was ready to join in leading the way for equality and upholding of Rights for LGBT people.

Therefore, the British government with its ties to Uganda which cannot be underestimated considering the important part British aid plays in Uganda and also the shared Commonwealth relationship, cannot just sit and watch while Uganda implements this affliction on LGBT people. Mr. Cohen, by tabling this EDM, has initiated a process that will portray the full standpoint of UK.

Without doubt, that standpoint is clear as long as there is a Labour government. But so far as the Ugandan parliament is pushing on with this abhorring project and neglecting calls from all over the world to do away with this Bill, Mr. Cohen’s call therefore paves the way for the UK parliament and European Union to notch up its stand and officially openly refute Uganda as a government. 

Peter Tatchell of OutRage, a London-based LGBT Human Rights group said "We hope the EDM will send a signal from the British parliament to the Ugandan government that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill constitutes an unacceptable attack on the human rights of Uganda's lesbian, gay and bisexual citizens". 

LGBT people of Ugandan and entire African continent are surely grateful to Harry Cohen for taking this step and raising this issue on the chart of parliament topics. And this is urging all to show their support towards an Africa rid of discrimination. 

To write your MP asking them to sign this EDM, please use this website Also, please feel free to contact me if you need help on writing your MP.  Please NOTE that only UK residents can write to Member of Parliament for their constituency of residence.

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