Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cindy McCain Poses For Gay AD Opposes John McCain View.

When I first saw the headline in my inbox this morning, I thought it was just a PR bait to get my click. But no, it was real. Cindy McCain, the wife of Senator John McCain, who openly refuses to accept same-sex partnership let alone marriage, is herself openly and bravely supporting gay marriage.

And before you ask, yes, she is still married to old McCain. So you can agree with me this is a bold step and one worthy of adoration. I think that the LGBT community surely appreciates such a support. Not because we think that it is special for people to endorse our existence and Human Rights; not all. But because we think that it takes bravery to stand up for truth.
Cindy McCain has taken that brave lunch of herself. And to go to this extent, it means that in her mind, she totally yields to this decision. Well done. No wonder her daughter is obviously independent-minded enough to be supporting same course long ago against the belief that Republicans do not.

It questions the Obama campaign promises. One year after taking post to action them with help from millions of LGBT votes, it is seeming clear that Obama's were vote-begging promises – empty and lies. 'Yes, we can' he told us; but today, it purely is 'May be we could'. After telling us of 'the change we can believe', in reality, it appears like 'the change we should not attempt'.

Mrs. McCain's action thus asks the question; where is the Obama magic? But far above that, where is Obama's stand on gay issues. But never mind the buzz-cocks, each Cindy McCain is enough magical touch than a million Obama,s empty rhetoric.

NOH8, INDEED. Thank you Cindy. Oppose


Preston said...

I now know that Cindy McCain is an independant thinker instead of a sheep who follows the flock, good for her. I applaud her endorsement of the NOH8 gay marriage campaign. I am sure many of you will approve.

godwyns said...

Yes Preston, thats the right words you have just used - Independent thinker. And its worthy of every praise.

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