Friday, January 08, 2010

The Bible, Christianity & Discrimination

Ah! It says on the tin, "MP, Christian woman, Mother, Wife, Good to represent her people, etc". But Iris Robinson has proved all that as wrong with more revelations as the minutes go by. She is a Paedophile instead. She abused a 19 year old Kirk McCambley.

However, the betraying in this whole transaction lie in the shameful fact that Kirk McCambley was ENTRUSTED into her care by the young man's dying father. REPUGNANT! Iris' behaviour points to
more. The possibility that she (is) jumps into more beds can only be imagined. And oh! Makes me think, - and with due respect for the late friend – can she assure the world she was in a relationship with this boy's father too? This boy should sue.

Iris Robinson did not want to commit any suicide at all. She feigned that to deceive her husband Peter Robinson, her family and the world. She is a liar, deceit, hypocrite, cheat, and an evil woman against what the tin says. DEVIOUS!

As for Christianity, sorry Iris, they will deny you now and blame the devil. But it was under the supposed devil's influence that you called homosexuals, abomination, paedophilia, and insist it is curable. And your fellow Conservatives clapped for you. Shame! Re-reading the Bible again for confirmation, Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 10 indicts you evil, mad woman. You deserves no mercy.

On that note, the same Bible is discriminatory. It encourages inequality and its users are hypocrites. In chapter 21 of the same Leviticus from verse 17, the Bible discriminates against disabled people. It pointedly say blind, dwarfism, etc, must not come near the altar. That makes Pope Benedict VIII, Archbishops Rowan and Sentamu and all clergy men who wear glasses, unacceptable by their so-called God. But these men ignore what indicts them to witch-hunt gay people when there are so many indictments on themselves.

image taken from BBC News

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