Tuesday, December 01, 2009

World AIDS Day – Reality: Have You Really Wanted To Know

Today, December 1, we look back again and remember; remember the many friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, colleagues, and dearest ones that have left us due to HIV related illness. And we are united to say, never again! At least, not by our actions.

It is even more disturbing when we remember, that in those early days, most of those affected or infected died because there was no cure or management. But worse above all, most also died in isolation; crippling discrimination and stigma. Because we did not care, because we ran far away from them, because we judged them, or considered them too dangerous to touch or associate with.

May be, you did not do that. May be, you do not even know someone who lived or are living with HIV. May be, you are too self-worthy to have noticed. Actually, may be, just may be, you have been too complacent to give it a thought. Yes, it is not in your backyard, so it won't bother you.

But you can still make a difference today, to the many who survived and are receiving life-changing HIV treatment? Or are you still running far from people because they live with HIV? Are you still isolating people, still refusing them love, still avoiding them? Are you still being self-sufficient? If you do any of these, or not doing anything at all, then you are contributing to stigma and discrimination. Perhaps, you should ask yourself, have I really wanted to know?

HIV is not a death sentence, it is a condition. And luckily for us all, it is manageable today like other terminal illnesses; thanks to scientists and all who has worked tirelessly towards this achievement. Only together, can we make a difference. It's World AIDS Day today; join to look ahead and say no to Stigma and discrimination. Join to say no to the continuation of HIV.

But you may want to start with yourself, go take a test. Today, a stranger lives with the condition, tomorrow, it may be a friend! HIV is not written on the face.

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ifezua said...

Thanks for this post.
It cannot be emphasized enough- if you don't get tested, you cannot benefit from treatment!
We owe it to ourselves to know our status!

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