Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nigerian Terrorist Culprit: Terrorism acts not Anti-homosexuality laws

Last night I watched in trepidation as the news of yet another terrorism attempt broke. The Delta Airline plane flying from Amsterdam to Detroit had about 280 passengers and was 20 minutes from landing. The result of this evil plot would have been another deadly disaster only equivalent to the Lockerbie accident 20 years ago.

The USA should follow this to the later and find out in truth what this could have caused, who's behind it and how they managed. Nevertheless, while all the unravelling of the mysteries that will forever enfold us continues, alternative means of stopping these frustrations should be considered. I know not how or which way, but non-traditional approaches need be tried. The culprits need to be advanced in other ways possible.

As for the suspected culprit caught for this particular evil, a lot seems fishy about him. His confession was too quick and leaves much to be desired. If these confessions are true, then there is a lot to be checked and make him take responsibility for this. But it is almost unheard of when culprits involved in high brow crimes confess almost immediately.

On another hand, as he is a Nigeria, it adds to the burden we bear being blanketed criminals almost every time. It is currently bad travelling through international borders as a Nigerian or with a Nigeria passport, not to talk of a Nigerian making it now into the much-feared terrorism club.

This is the type of people and what the Nigerian government and other African countries should be exerting their efforts to stop instead of chasing and locking up gay and lesbian people for no crime other than being in same-sex love.

Security scares, not culture scares please. Criminals, not lovers. Trouble makers not peaceful people. Terrorism acts not Anti-homosexuality laws. Please, leave us the good, peaceful caring citizens alone to contribute to our countries and go after the wicked, destructive and inhuman ones who bring terror.

But we know why, because majority of the people in these governments are equivalent of terrorists too... at least to people like me, the Nigerian government and their ilks are.

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