Thursday, December 10, 2009

Standing Up For Our Rights Against Ugandan Anti-Homosexual Bill

The struggle continues. Like I said in the post below, the Lesbian, Gay, bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) communities across the world are continuing to work hard and make a mark no matter how difficult. We no more wish to be tolerated but to be seen as part of the society.

So earlier today, I joined other proud African gay and Lesbian people with the support of Outrage and many friends of different race and colour as we stood in front of the Ugandan High Commission to show our refusal of the Ugandan government's proposed draconian law to jail and sentence gay people to death for who they are.

The demonstration drew attention from various media including BBC World Service. The atmosphere was charged as everyone, including Students, Trade Unionists, Activists, passers-by, tourists, etc, all join to make our mark. And when it was my turn to speak, I made the point that we are no more begging to be tolerated but we are making the mark that we, African gay men and women exists and that we are proud.

We hope that our effort today in the cold afternoon of London would go a long way to send the message to Uganda and the many African countries, mine (Nigeria) included who are or have enacted laws against our basic rights of freedom, that we are not hiding away from having a debate and reclaiming our natural and basic rights.

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