Saturday, December 05, 2009

“Not About Meredith, It’s About Amanda” – Such An Error Of Judgement

At last, it seems Meredith Kercher's murder has got justice. Amanda Knox, 22 and Raffaele Sollecito, 25 were convicted to a 26 and 25 years prison sentence respectively.

As much as it seemed a justice, it is also a disappointment that these two young people that were being prepared for a bright future may be heading to a wasted life in the prison. I can only just
imagine the anxiety this will be causing them; regardless of whether they are truly guilty or not. It is a pity that this would happen.

But to prove their innocence, they would have answered the questions. But no; they spent time telling various and different stories that it feels their solicitors must have had sleepless nights trying to piece them together. Sollecito claimed he wasn't at the scene, but he also denied he remembered Amanda spending the night with him. But he never said he was drunk, or under the influence of drugs or fell asleep; no! So why did he not remember if Ms. Knox spent the night 'having sex and smoking pot with him' as Amanda claimed? Even at that, he remembered he was playing on his computer all night downloading cartoons... still yet, he did not remember if Ms. Knox was there; strange!

Ms. Knox on her side produced versions and played up to the media. From first saying her employer gave her day off, to later implicating the same employer, etc. Playing to the media is a very risky gamble in anything. For her, it didn't work and now her dad has turned round to blame the same media that he was cuddling up to trip after trip. And shamefully enough, Ms. Knox's father even have the folly to say, the case "is not about Meredith, it's about Amanda"; disgusting.

A right of appeal exists for them both and it will be good to see them use it to give an account that will directly respond to, counter the accusations and decipher what seems a mystery. Until that is done, or alternative culprits presented, these two will have a case to answer until they prove themselves right.

Rest in Peace, Meredith.

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