Sunday, December 06, 2009

Episcopal Church Entrenches Equality - Lesbian Bishop-Elect

After the first equality bomb detonation by the American Episcopal Church, it has gone further to confirm it wasn't a mistake; oh! how I love these American libertine manners.

Undoubtedly, reports coming out this evening indicates Rowan Williams, the cold – not even lukewarm – archbishop of Canterbury is, as usual, 'confused'. But that can not be regarded as breaking
news anyway. And so, whatever he may think – or not think – the American Episcopal church has made their decision.

If the newly bishop-elect, Rev Mary Glasspool wins the backing of the national Episcopal heads, she will become the second lesbian Bishop in the world following the consecration last month of Swedish Lutheran Eva Brunne but the first in America and that is a big big achievement by the LGBT movement in the Christian faith. This will go a long way to show the continuous move towards a world that will accept and acknowledge that we exists; because we are not asking to be tolerated anymore. And that this is happening in almost every sphere of live (that matters) is very welcomed indeed.

The Nigerian Anglican Church, led by the holier-than-God Akinola will be reeling and gassing now. But as it may be, we will not let Akinola and his type distract us from the struggle we pursue. If Ms. Glasspool had come this far, it is a big and recognizable dent in the hatred that the homophobes hold against us.

But there is no being complacent. A once bishop-elect to the Sea of Reading in England in 2003, Canon Jeffrey John was forced to give up after argument ensued following his election. I do hope that Rev Mary Glasspool will be strong and square up to the dissenting voices that will arise following her election. It is a merit based on the service she has given and such says a lot.

In all, there is no going back in the fight for taking our rightful place in the society as gay and lesbian people because its not a choice we made.

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