Saturday, December 12, 2009

Demonstration Against Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill, London

Videos have been posted here of our peaceful demonstration at the Ugandan High Commission office in London on Human Rights Day, December 10th, 2009. It was a lively event with various inspiring and brave speakers who cut across walks of life; watch my speech here. Watch these videos and your feedback and support will be welcomed. Pictures of the day are available here; These photos are free to use. Please credit Brett Lock of OutRage!

Please go here to read the Ugandan Anti-homosexual Bill; it is extremely draconian and unimaginable to happen in this day and age. But freedom we demand and nothing but absolute freedom and equal rights.


Chris said...

Wow. I've just read that proposed legislation. It's unspeakably vile. Thank you for making me aware of it, and for working hard to shame the Ugandan government for its deplorable stance.

As a white, straight, fair-haired, blue-eyed man I realise how extremely lucky I am not to be the target of most forms of discrimination or harrassment. I really admire how you get up and do something about what you rightly see as unacceptable. Keep up the good work!!

godwyns said...

Yes. Most people cant imagine the enormity of the dangers this pose to people like me. The British Home Office and other developed countries which should offer safety to gay men still send them back to these wicked places to live 'discreetly'. but worst still, they show no practical repugnancy of these evils.

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