Sunday, December 20, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Change Summit Was Planned To Fail

The whole nonsense about climate change has come to be exactly what the likes of me predicted two weeks ago.

"Come this week, the so-called world leaders are gathering in Copenhagen to waste even more resources. In what they claim to be their solution summit – and we know it IS NOT – they will be presiding over NOTHING other than devising further ways of keeping control of the rest of the world population. Along the line, they will be wasting billions of our collective wealth from taxes to entertain themselves with endless-course meals." Read the original blog here:

A very close friend of mine actually told me off on my Facebook page for my belief which I suppose fell into the climate-change sceptics group. But I will make it clear that I do not accept that.

Perhaps, I am on the periphery of that grouping but not entirely within it. Confusing; I hear you say. But yes, I believe the climate is changing but I do not agree that it is entirely due to man's action nor do I accept that new concepts of technology and all-what-not will solve it.

"Regretfully, the climate will continue to change. Nature will continue to evolve. We can only do our bit by being individually responsible, less materialistic, reasonable, and less wasteful. We should also be less self-defensive and justify our own harm to nature less".  Read the original blog here:

So when the Copenhagen fever peaked on Saturday December 5th of 2009 in London, I refused to commiserate with the fanatical approach that organisations, such as Christian Aid - whom I have worked with in the past towards more noble and real cause - are chasing it all.

It was that day that I saw the true colour of the whole new game; it is simply a scaremongering. It is a new control vice. As the fall of religion becomes more and more obvious, the powers that be are devising new ways and climate change seems to be the latest.

"But why do they succeed? Because a lot of us, with our blind psychology prefers to be told what to do than think. This is why religion nearly succeeded in the stone to medieval ages. Climate change is the new world religion. And we know that religion is always a movement for idiots who would rather be thought for. On Saturday in London, these new 'religion followers took to the streets; their mission? They are urging their leaders (priests of climate change religion) to reach a deal; insurmountable nonsense." Read the original blog here:

But here we go. Just like I said two weeks ago, Ed Miliband, the UK Climate Change Secretary, could not have agreed more with me labelling it "the most chaotic show on earth" – he didn't think so 14 days ago.

Nevertheless, we know that it was not meant to achieve anything. So its not like they lost. In fact, they won for achieving what it was set out for: no solution. That is the same scheme that set up religions many years ago – full of non-feasible expectations.

Next chapter please.

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