Sunday, December 06, 2009

Climate Change Movement Is The New World Religion

The Climate Change saga is continuing. While it is a reality that the climate (nature) is continuously changing (evolving), it is an utter disappointment that once again, some crop of greedy idiots have cleverly created a massive control scam and business out of it through their endless scaremongering. The world will never stop seeing such; starting from the days of religion, to this internet age, man has always
sought to control man. And to achieve this, man creates all sort of hype and then build it up towards the unachievable but ever-drawing near Armageddon.

Come this week, the so-called world leaders are gathering in Copenhagen to waste even more resources. In what they claim to be their solution summit – and we know it IS NOT – they will be presiding over NOTHING other than devising further ways of keeping control of the rest of the world population. Along the line, they will be wasting billions of our collective wealth from taxes to entertain themselves with endless-course meals.

But why do they succeed? Because a lot of us, with our blind psychology prefers to be told what to do than think. This is why religion nearly succeeded in the stone to medieval ages. Climate change is the new world religion. And we know that religion is always a movement for idiots who would rather be thought for. On Saturday in London, these new 'religion followers took to the streets; their mission? They are urging their leaders (priests of climate change religion) to reach a deal; insurmountable nonsense.

Regretfully, the climate will continue to change. Nature will continue to evolve. We can only do our bit by being individually responsible, less materialistic, reasonable, and less wasteful. We should also be less self-defensive and justify our own harm to nature less.

In the Streets of London and many 'developed' cities, bright lights burn every night to the point we barely remember there used to be a moon. However, it will be good for India not to have street lights because they will send CO2 into the atmosphere... an unbridled replay of George Orwell's Animal farm.

Instead of scaremongering at this peak, providing basic information would benefit the world's population and encourage informed choices/thinking/action. Trees and plants need CO2 to produce their food. So where we have less trees and plants, like in developed countries, these unharmful chemicals ends up wandering in the atmosphere... plant a tree. But remember, for example, we will continue to need houses hence timbers and such like. All we need to do is replenish the forests once we take from them.

Please stop the scaremongering; stop the waste of taxpayers' money; encourage non-manipulative education and we will have a better world.

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